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Don't just take it from us, let our Residents do the talking..

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Mr. Sankaran is a retired official from HUL. He has done B.Com & PGDMA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Chennai. His burning desire is to help society. He's leading a peaceful life with his wife Smt. Ananthalakshimi. He does not have any secrets which no one knows.

Mr. & Mrs Sankaran  Sukh Shanthi Experience is a hard teacher because it gives the test first, the lessons afterwards. A stay in Sukhshanthi Apartments is a pleasant feeling. The inmates of this lovely apartment are extremely friendly and helpful.

The atmosphere is full of energy to suit senior citizens who need a heart that never hardens a temper that never tires and a touch that never hurts.

The management exhibits this right spirit to satisfy the need of the inmates to a greater extent one should be happy and grateful to God almighty for this lovely peaceful environment. Sukhshanthi assures you to take time to relax, reflect and savour each day for the joy it brings; take time to rediscover each beautiful gift life has to offer...

In nutshell, Sukhshanthi promises to senior citizens rare day of the serene sky and lucent air and interpenetrating sunshine and a day suffused with infinite rejoicing of the hopefulness of the spring.

The two major factors enabling this are the external environment of greenery with only the gentle ripple of tree leaves and branches in a gentle breeze. The sun rises and sets to a chorus of bird song.

The infrastructure is more than comfortable which offers a well-stocked library, a first-rate gym, a games room and a dining hall where the menus are as nutritious and balanced as they are tasty. Residents of Sukhshanthi are free to make as much or as little use of these facilities to socialise as they wish. The compulsion of any kind is totally an alien concept at Sukhshanthi.

This is entirely internal as a special atmosphere of relaxed informality where smiles, greetings and friendly conversations just happen naturally.. This special atmosphere results largely due to a combination of professionalism & efficiency with a genuinely meant friendly and customers caring attitude of the staff ranging from young security men, the housing services ladies, the kitchen staff, right up to senior management.


All the while fellow residents of acquaintance enquire after the injury with words of comfort and encouragement while every staff member responded with care and attention well above the call of duty. Whether likely or not the inevitable feeling engender was that in such a conducive atmosphere of 'Sukh' and 'Shanthi' the injury was going to heal sooner than later.


Most recent experience of recovering from a shoulder injury brought to the surface which makes Sukhshanthi what it is : The 3 C's - Compassion, Concern and Care - on the part of fellow residents and staff members.


In Summary: At Sukhshanthi both aspects of life, the mental and the physical, the internal and the external seems to take care of themselves, one improving and encouraging the other.

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"Harish Sharma is a postgraduate of The National Film & Television School, England. He has previously taught Film Studies, Screenplay Writing & Narrative Structures at Rewley House, Oxford University. Currently, he is a full-time writer of fiction and divides his time between Bagalur, Bangalore and Oxford."

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"I was Born in Bangalore, a father an engineer had a transferable job, so education at several places did B.A privately from Nagpur university. It's my privilege to be the granddaughter of LATE.SRI.B.M.SHRIRAILIA a great writer in Kannada and English and a greater activist who worked hard for united Karnataka and wife of LATE.SHRI.S. BALU RAO a poet writing in Kannada and English. My only claim to fame in I am a good human being!"

Friendly people residing here and the helpful attendants all contribute to make your stay at Sukh Shanti a very pleasant one. What more do you want at the fag end of your life? It makes you all the more humble and grateful. I intend to make full use of my stay here. pleasant braze, bright sunshine and the glorious sunset with all its colourful pattern no less than painting all help you to forget the busy bad world and leaves you.

I found that the entire staff of Sukh Shanthi and Jain Farms stood behind me like a rock, in completing the final rites of my mother in a well-organised manner. I am sure even if I would have kept her at Madurai, I might not have had this organisational support. 

So, elderly people can confidently come to live in Sukh Shanthi, as I did, and they have all the medical facilities they need within a reasonable distance and approach. Taking into account the traffic snarls at Bangalore were crossing 500 metres by a car or ambulance will take 20 minutes to half an hour ,here at Sukh Shanthi the nearest well equipped medical hospital is just 10 minutes away.

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